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Concrete is a durable, cost effective material used extensively for Denver area construction.  Made from natural materials, concrete is sustainable and has a lower environmental footprint than many other building materials, and is durable, strong, and economical. Concrete can be used for patios, floors, footers, porches, driveways, garage aprons, retaining walls and many other features on a property that need a strong material that can be reinforced and will hold up to the variable climate conditions in the Rocky Mountain region. 


Decorative Concrete Contractors Denver is a full service masonry and concrete contractor locally owned and operated. As long time residents in the Denver area, we know the correct formulas and finishes to create and protect your concrete construction needs. Licensed and insured, we follow industry safety best practices, pride ourselves on our workmanship quality and clean job sites, and we try hard to stay on schedule. We know that your concrete work is most likely part of a longer list of tasks, and staying on point helps all the other trades get your job completed on time.  Whether you need a driveway replaced, historical brickwork restored, or a patio behind your home, Decorative Concrete Solutions is your full service concrete and masonry contractor in the greater Denver area.

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Many Denver concrete contractors advertise they can do it all, but at Decorative Concrete Contractors Denver, we really do do it all. That includes decorative concrete that can mimic nature, fit into your color or décor scheme, or set a tone of continuity and flow in your landscaping. Some people hesitate about concrete, as they “just do not want plain grey.” Grey is no longer the only color for concrete.  We offer a full range of concrete dying, staining, and acid etching processes to pigment and color your concrete. Dyes can be added prior to pouring, or old concrete can often be prepared and then is able to take dye to refresh its look. Once cured and sealed, these pigments are fade resistant and hold up to mild cleaning. They are a great alternative to help blend your concrete driveway, sidewalks, or other features into the color scheme of your home or business.


Concrete stamping is another art form we offer. Our experienced tradesmen are very experienced at creating finishes on concrete that range from brick and parquet to the looks of cobblestone, slate, field or flagstone. Various natural materials can be embedded into concrete for patterns, such as leaves, flowers, bark, and other items. We have worked with other companies such as concrete contractor Austin TX to learn other styles and ways of designing beautiful concrete driveways and patios. Stamped concrete is an economical and environmentally sound palette to get the look of natural stone without the expense or use of resources that are finite and easily depleted. Stamping is an aesthetically pleasing, economical, ecologically smart choice for residential concrete Denver admires.

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It is important to ask questions when you are hiring Denver concrete companies to make sure they are experienced and have a good reputation for work needing done on a project. A full service concrete contractor like Decorative Concrete Contractors Denver will not have to stop mid-job and have a specialist for the trade come in to take care of a particular issue. Whether you need brick re-tipped in a historical building, a concrete driveway ground down and resurfaced, or a stylish stone veneer faced concrete retaining wall stretched around your trees and boulders, we have the professional experience and talent to do the job from start to finish.


One of the top considerations of any concrete work we do is the durability. When you call and set up a time for a free estimate for your work, our project estimator will walk the property, take any measurements needed, and may even sample your soil. It is important to know what concrete is going over, especially in Colorado. Our seismic activity and variable, sometimes challenging climate require knowledge of what blend is best for the job, how long it needs to cure, what needs reinforced, and what finishes would work best in your location with your scheme.  From our design team to our installation crews, we pride ourselves in the best tradespeople in the industry taking care of our customers.

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The best advertisement a trade contractor can have is their work. When your neighbors slow down to look at your beautiful new, artistic driveway, it will give you a swelling of pride and the knowledge that you made a wise choice in who did the work. At Decorative Concrete Contractors Denver, we know that your driveway, patio, kitchen floors, or hardscape outdoor kitchen speaks volumes about our quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and care in design. Much of our work is from referrals of satisfied clients, and we do many return jobs for customers who call us back time and again to take care of resurfacing, restoration, new construction, and artistic masonry and concrete work on their property. 


All of our crews are experienced craftsmen in their field. We have master stonemasons, expert bricklayers, and team members who are considered some of the best brick restoration artists in the West. We take tremendous pride in our work, because we know that is also our reputation.  When you are looking for a concrete company that does everything you need, and does it extremely well, call Decorative Concrete Contractors Denver. Our quotes are free, we will provide design and structural advice, and we take care of all permitting and inspections. We want your next brick, stone, or concrete job to go smoothly so you can start enjoying the results as soon as possible.

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Concrete, being made from natural products, does need occasional repair and preservation. Water intrusion is especially challenging for concrete and brick mortar work, as the chemical composition of the plaster and mortar react with the water, creating an environment conducive to the materials breaking down. Damage to concrete can break the seal, created originally through polishing or finish or sealing agents, allowing moisture into the base material. It is important when you start to notice extreme discoloration, dark spots in the concrete after storms, or flaking, jagged spots, call us for an estimate on the repair. Concrete can often be successfully repaired, extending its life and improving its durability.


It is especially important to walk concrete installed for driveways, sidewalks, steps, walls, and footers in Colorado on a regular basis. Our extreme weather conditions with freezing and thawing cycles can cause frost heaves and cracks, requiring a lot of Denver sidewalk repairs to occur. This is especially problematic for commercial locations where liability issues arise due to buckled walks and potholes in parking areas. A good quality sealant applied to your concrete on a regular schedule will help maintain the surface of the concrete and help avoid breakdown. If you do have holes, breaks, or cracks appear, early intervention is important. What can be easily and inexpensively patched when untreated can turn into a major repair, or end up having to remove the entire concrete surface and replace it, which is a costly proposition. Make sure to walk your concrete periodically to check for damage, and if you see any sagging, breakage, or other telltale signs, call us or send in our contact form. We will quickly contact you to come assess the situation and recommend repairs that are cost effective to stabilize the area and return it to as good as new.


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When you want to explore a new concrete driveway, adding a patio to your home or business, or know the smart thing that needs done is that retaining wall behind the house, call or contact Decorative Concrete Contractors Denver. We are long time residents of the Denver area, and know what it takes to install and repair concrete, resurface and seal it, and how to beautifully install stone, brick, and veneers with our masonry teams. No job is too big or small, whether you need the edges ground and refaced on your pool deck or you want an entire new driveway designed and poured for the entrance to your estate. We are one of the top commercial concrete contractors Denver utilizes for subdivisions, commercial and industrial properties, government facilities, and all forms of residential properties. 


We are proud to provide a list of properties you can drive by to see how much curb appeal improves and property values increase with high quality concrete and masonry work. Call us or send in our contact form. We will set up a convenient time to meet to talk about your project, provide ideas, and walk the area you plan to have it installed. We are licensed by the State of Colorado and fully insured. We believe in providing high quality workmanship with a smile, keeping our job sites and local environment pristine, and doing it all at a reasonable cost. We would like to work with you on your next project, so get on our schedule now so you do not have to wait to enjoy that new outdoor living space or easier to use heated concrete drive this winter.